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This section contains air conditioner catalogues of various brands. This catalogues are scanned and converted to PDF from the original published catalogues.Customers are advised to refer to the originals as available in the retail shops and authorised dealers.

How to read the catalogue

Using Mitsubishi Electric Non Inverter catalogue for illustration

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*Sorry for the low quality pic...no money buy good scanner..have to use 5 years ago technology..any sponsors? *

1) Look for your Model No in the first row. U all get your Outdoor Model No. and respective Indoor Model No. ( Eg Sys 2 is MUX19TV/MS-A10VD,MS-A13VD ) Generally the '10' and '13' correspond the cooling capacity of the indoor unit and '19' for the outdoor. This appplies to all other the brands also.
2) Read under that column for your data.
3) For Mitsubishi, the Capacity,PowerInput andRunning current are on another table. Some brands may have them inside in the same table. I will skip this for the moment.
4) Following that is the 'AirFlow'. This is the fan power. A higher value means a stronger fan which also means the cool air can travel further away and thus cool your room faster. Generally, a higher cooling capacity indoor unit will have a higher airflow. In our case, the '10' = 570 and '13' = 630.
* Some brands will have High,Medium,Low Fan speed airflow, in Mitsubishi they only display the High fan speed.
5) Next is Dimensions. As wriiten W x D x H = Width x Depth x Height. Need further explanation?
6) Net Weight. Dun bother with this..u will not be doing the installation.
7) Sound Level of the indoor..basically indoor units do not produce any noise unless the installation is not done well. But anyway, the sound level are classified accordding to low-medium-high, with the larger the value the louder it is.
8) Connection Method. Dun bother!
9) Here comes the important part!!! The Pipe Size Outer Diameter!!! In our case, we have a bigger indoor unit of '13' so we should expect a bigger copper pipe. As written on the catalogue, a '10' would need a 9.52mm and a '13' would need a 12.7mm for the Gas pipe. As for the liquid pipe, u will have TWO 6.35mm.
*This is very important as some installers will cut cost and install a 9.52mm copper pipe for your '13'!!!
10) Next is Maximum piping length. The max per indoor is 15m long and 10m high which should be sufficent for most HDB flats. U can go longer than that but your air con will not be as cold.
11) Power Supply. Dun bother! unless u intend to export the air con overseas.

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Lets take a look at System 3, MUX20TV. This is the outdoor unit model no.
Looking at that u would noticed there are 1 room, 2 rooms and 3 rooms. This means the number of rooms in operation.
Take for example, i have a current usuage of 1 room every night. So i will look at 1 room row.
1) As written by the side, (1 compressor ) means i will be only operating 1 compressor under this usage. Most Non inverter ( except DAIKIN non inverter) have 2 compressors in their outdoor units. One of them (8800 btu) will support one room while the other (12000 btu ) will support the remaining 2 other rooms. This also applies to Sys 2 and Sys 4 or 5 non inverters in the market.
2) 2.5kW = approxiamtely 8530btu of cooling capacity.
3) Further left, total capacity = 2.5kw caused i only use one room.
4) Total Power Input = 0.74kW. This value will be used to calculate your monthly electrical bill for air con. And also the comparsion between different brands in terms of electrical consumption.
5) Total running current = 3.3 amp. This value is used to gauge whether u can install this sys 3 in your home. For example, looking at MUX26TV, 4 rooms in operation, the running current is 10.30amp. So for old homes still having 8.5am current limit, under the HDB rules, u cannot install this system. So do take note of this value.

1) Noticed for Mitsubishi Non Inverter Sys 2 MUX19Tv, it has a combination of 9(10) + 12(13) for their indoor units as their standard combination while other brands are having 9 + 9. The cooling capacity for the 12 is 11942 btu. Which means your room will cool faster than using other brand. But u also consume more electricity of abt 0.5kW for that.
So is this a good buy? I would say yes if u are able to find the price of a Mitsubishi Sys 2 less or similar to other brands of 9 + 9.

Using Toshiba Inverter catalogue for illustration

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1) On the left hand, u will see '1 unit operation','2 unit operation' etc. This means where u should look for example when u only use 2 rooms.
2) Just beside is the 'Combination'. The '10','13','16' etc is the model no of your indoor unit. For example i want to look at the data for a 3 room usage of a 10,10,22. I will go to 3 unit operation, look for 10,10,22 and that row will contain all the data.
3) The terms are the same as the non inverter just that now u have a max, min and rated. Caused Inverter do not operate at constant level, it will varies accordding to the environment.But u can use the rated value as reference.

**If u purchase a Inverter System 3 instead, u should be looking at another table, not this. Inverter catalogue will have each table for every outdoor unit.
** For brands which have a current switch at the outdoor unit, the table will be divided into 3 parts, 8.5amp, 11amp, 16amp ( or unlimited ), just look under the column for your data accordding to your current limit. Therefore this kind of air con is suitable for all HDB.
** For brands without this current switch, u have to check the max running current to ensure it is within your flat current limitations. Therefore this kind of air con may be only suitable for some HDB flats.

Casement Air Conditioner ( Vertical Window Unit)

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